Thursday, April 26, 2012


Ok I never would have thought I could let this much time between posts. 5 months is a little excessive, I know. So because this is going to take FOREVER!!!!! I'll guess I'll start where I left off......
Alexis turned 9 months old.

Alexis and I came back to Utah in the middle of the month for the holidays. We drove home... Which actually went really well considering it was an 8 hour drive and a 9 month old baby. We started the holidays off by going to my family Christmas party. Alexis was really overwhelmed and just wanted me and Aunt Steffi to hold her.
Alexis hated Santa. She freaked out both times she had to go near him.
Opening her presents from Santa.
Yay! A piano to bang on.

Zac finally finished with work and came back to Utah. It was good to have him with us for the holidays. We spent Christmas Eve with his family in Price. They have family dinner and than go to church.
Alexis and Uncle Matt and Gwen
Alexis wasn't sure what to think about Sarah.
Opening presents from Yia Yia and Tony.

Playing with her new toy.

Alexis still isn't walking on her own. She can but she chooses not too. She walks really well with her walker though.

Christmas morning we got up early and drove back to my mom's house since thats where Santa delivered all Alexis' presents.
Alexis in her Christmas jammies with her presents from Santa- A ZOO!!!!!!!
Reading a book with Grandma waiting for everyone to show up.
Time to open presents!!!!!
Wow!!!! Thats lots of presents!!!!!
Daddy and Alexis playing with her zoo.

I didn't have a babysitter so Steff, Jordan, Alexis and I just spent New Years Eve just hanging out and having fun with the kid. It was just a chill night.

Ok, that takes me through the new year. So I only have 4 months to catch up on........

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