Thursday, April 26, 2012


Ok I never would have thought I could let this much time between posts. 5 months is a little excessive, I know. So because this is going to take FOREVER!!!!! I'll guess I'll start where I left off......
Alexis turned 9 months old.

Alexis and I came back to Utah in the middle of the month for the holidays. We drove home... Which actually went really well considering it was an 8 hour drive and a 9 month old baby. We started the holidays off by going to my family Christmas party. Alexis was really overwhelmed and just wanted me and Aunt Steffi to hold her.
Alexis hated Santa. She freaked out both times she had to go near him.
Opening her presents from Santa.
Yay! A piano to bang on.

Zac finally finished with work and came back to Utah. It was good to have him with us for the holidays. We spent Christmas Eve with his family in Price. They have family dinner and than go to church.
Alexis and Uncle Matt and Gwen
Alexis wasn't sure what to think about Sarah.
Opening presents from Yia Yia and Tony.

Playing with her new toy.

Alexis still isn't walking on her own. She can but she chooses not too. She walks really well with her walker though.

Christmas morning we got up early and drove back to my mom's house since thats where Santa delivered all Alexis' presents.
Alexis in her Christmas jammies with her presents from Santa- A ZOO!!!!!!!
Reading a book with Grandma waiting for everyone to show up.
Time to open presents!!!!!
Wow!!!! Thats lots of presents!!!!!
Daddy and Alexis playing with her zoo.

I didn't have a babysitter so Steff, Jordan, Alexis and I just spent New Years Eve just hanging out and having fun with the kid. It was just a chill night.

Ok, that takes me through the new year. So I only have 4 months to catch up on........

Monday, November 28, 2011


This month has been completely crazy for us. I started school again at the end of Sept. I'm just doing it online and I'm only taking 1 class at a time right now but that one class is very difficult with an 8 month old who needs contast attention and a daddy who is ALWAYS at work. Zac has been working insane amount of hours.... Like 50 hours of overtime a week. Yes that is a 90 hour work week for him. So I haven't had much time to spend on the computer updating...... But I'm gonna give it go.......
Alexis is now 8 months old.

Alexis sure does have some personailty!!!! She knows what she wants and what she doesn't and she let EVERYONE know!!!!! She says "mamma" when she feels like it. She also holds conversations with everything. She loves yelling and hearing her own voice. She also thinks she should be able to get into everything!!!! She's quite the handful. But she is so adorable!!!!

So it turned cold. FAST!!!!! It's also started snowing but then it all melts. The wind in Wyoming is miserable! So whenever we go anywhere I have to bundle Alexis up and she does not like that at all. She also hates the wind blowing on her. So taking her out in the cold can be very difficult sometimes.

We have a sliding glass that leads out to our patio. Alexis loves looking out it. And most of the time she is licking it too. Whenever her dad goes out the door she is right there watching him. It's the funniest thing to watch.

My mom, Steffanie, and Jordan all came out to visit. It was so great to see my family. While they were here we decided to run over to Mt Rushmore; which wasn't our smartest idea. It started snowing on us while we there and it was a pretty bad drive back home. Oh well it was good to spend time with them and Alexis was actually really good in the car!! YAY!

My mom bought Alexis a walker. She loves that thing. On her first try she didn't even hesitate. She knew exactly what she was suppose to do with it.

She is going to be walking pretty soon. She just needs to learn how to keep her balance and I don't think anything with stop her. She does great when someone is holding her hands and she walks. It's just a matter of time.......

Thanksgiving was just a couple of days ago. Since Zac is working so much and he only had Thursday off we just stayed home. Zac was just lazy the whole day and spent time with Allie. I cooked Thanksgiving dinner....... It was an adventure to say the least...... Alexis loved the mashed potatoes and gravy though. She just kept eating.......

My littly girl so smart. She loves reading her books. And yes she actually reads them. Or yells at them. One of the 2!!!! I love watching her when she does it because she is so intent and loves looking at the pictures. 

Well I'm mostly caught up!!!! I know the next month isn't going to be any easier. Especially since we'll be back in Utah in 2 weeks!!! We're just going to visit for the holidays but I'm pretty excited to be back. I have missed it!!!! So I'll try to keep everyone updated on her first Christmas!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lame... I know!

Ok so this is just random but......
I have loved vampire stories for, well as long as I can remember. I read them in high school ya know, before Twilight made vampires cool...... So when Twilight first came out I read them and hated them. I hated that Bella was such a whiny crybaby about Edward. I just didn't like how she devoted her whole life to him and just him and that she led Jacob on. So I read them again a couple of years later. I still had a problem with them but I didn't hate them. I liked the story just not Bella.... So when they released the movie I just didn't really care. Plus I HATE Kristen Stewart. She's just one of those actresses that drive me nuts. So I never watched the movies. And then Twilight Mania hit and people were going crazy about Edward... Blah.Blah.Blah.
So I'm sitting alone at the house (because is working another Sunday- Yep thats 21 straight days of him working) and the Twilight movies are on. Since it was Sunday and nothing else was on I watched.... And I guess I was wrong. Kristen Stewart was the perfect actress to play Bella. They both annoy me still but oh well. And the movies have taught me that I am so... TEAM JACOB!!!! I still stand by that!!! Plus he's hot(yes I know hes younger than me... Doesn't matter!!!!)
Now I can't believe I'm admitting this but I wanna see Breaking Dawn now. God, I've been sucked into the madness!! Blah...........

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Here we are again.... Allie is now 7 months old!!!!

This month has been pretty calm. We haven't done too much. Alexis has learned to crawl!!!!! She is a little mover and is getting hard to keep up with. From the time she started to her fully crawling was maybe a week. Once she figures something out she runs away with it.
She loves getting into everything she shouldn't be getting in. One of her favorite things to get into is the Blu-Rays.......
So I am a girl and I'm teaching her to be one too... Yeah you can never be too young......
Now that it is football season we had to put her in her dad's team!!!!
We have slowly been introducing new foods to her. She loves eating her cookies every day. We have to take off her clothes because she makes SUCH A MESS!!!!

Now that she has crawling down she is learning to pull herself up. She only does it on me and her dad though.
And just because this is one of my favorite pictures of her. Helping mamma with the laundry.

We went to Mount Rushmore and Bear Country yesterday so I have tons and tons of pictures to post but I haven't uploaded them yet and it's gonna have to wait for another day because Alexis is yelling that she needs her mom so............. Bye!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


My lil Allie is 6 MOTNHS!!!

I can not believe that she has been with us for half a year!!!! At times I think its insane that this is my life now!!!!! We are getting along nicely in Wyoming. We've had our problems but for the most part we are settling in. We just got back from our trip to Utah. We went out for 10 days. We had so many things we had to do! We went to 2 of Jordan's football games.
Watching the game
Go Riverton!!!!!
Baby girl and me

He is such an amazing lil football player!!!
We celebrated Grandma, Stevin, Steffanie, and Jordan's birthday!
Grandma's big present

Jordan got an Ipod... finally......

I can't believe the twins are 21!
Crazy Stevin

Steffi's funny birthday card!!!
We went to Price and visited Zac's family. It was great to be able to spend some time with them since we won't be back til Christmas. We also had Alexis 6 month check up. Which went perfect! She is 15 lbs 6 oz and 26 inches long. Now for me to brag about my baby...... She has been sitting up all by herself all month long.
She is also moving everywhere. She rolls and scoots herself all over the floor. She is also starting to push herself on her knees. So she's gonna be crawling soon. Which I'm not sure if I'm happy for or not!